Kit 33 Shabby Chic by Gillian

Kit 33 Shabby Chic,

You will also need:

  • Double Sided Tape,
  • Glue or Hot Glue Gun.
  • Border Punch,

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Take the Prima Core Board, (back ground paper) and distress, (ripping and ink parts until your happy with the look).
  2. Cut the clock paper and cut a piece 7.5 inches by 12 inches length, distress and adhere to the background paper.
  3. Take the brown floral paper and distress the sides.
  4. Cut the glitter spot paper in half and use a border punch along 2 edges, distress and ink, then attach to the back of the brown floral paper, along each side, making sure you see the border punched part.
  5. Mount your photo onto the left over piece of the clock paper, leaving an 1cm border around the photo.
  6. Wrap the chipboard loop in the pink lace overlapping as you go, tie a knot or bow.
  7. To make the belt: Take the piece of fabric and cut in half, place the buckle in 1 of the half and fold over the end, then take the other piece and thread through the buckle like a belt. Then adhere to the papers, one end going behind the loop and 1 in front (see photo).
  8. Whan happy attach the loop and the fabric belt to the layout.
  9. Adhere the flowers into place.
  10. Title: to create the title, take the chipboard title and coat it with the crystal Coat Glaze, then sprinkle the frinkle beads over the title, make sure all parts are covered you can do it in parts and re do. (see you Tube Video On Vintage Glitter Glass below) then attach to layout.

Thanks from the girls at Fred.

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