Kit 32 Easter By Tracy

Kit 32 Easter

You Will Need:

  • Double sided tape,
  • Foam tape,
  • Paper trimmer,
  • Glue.
  • Border Punchs if desired.
  • Title.

Step By Steps:

  1. From your stripe paper cut a 7cm x 30cm length and attach to the bottom of the page.(See Sample). You may wish to use a border punch across the bottom if you have one.
  2. (a) Cut your raindrops paper (blue flower paper) 4cm in width by 30cm in length and attach to the left hand side of the page about 1.5cm from the left edge. (b) Also cut out a 2cm x10cm length strip and put aside. Again you may wish to use a border punch for the 2cm strip.
  3. Cut your Avenue Paper (Yellow Flower) 16cm across x 21cm down and attach as per layout, (this should fit a 5×7 photo)
  4. Attach your left over strip of raindrops paper just ontop of the stripe paper on the right hand side, (see layout).
  5. Cut out as many eggs as you like and arrange as per layout. I have raised some eggs up on foam tape.
  6. Glue down braid as per layout.
  7. To make the banner: Cut out 6 – 2.5cm x 4cm pieces of paper from the reverse side of your stripe paper for your banner. Cut a V in each piece, attach with foam tape as per layout, glue your twine to the top of each banner, be very careful not to use to much glue.

PLEASE NOTE: Title is not included in this kit.

Happy Scrapping.

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