Kit 31, Dainty by Gillian Lester

Kit 31, Dainty by Gillian Lester

You will Also Need:

  • Title,
  • Double side Tape, Glue.
  • Sewing machine if desired,
  • Liquid Pearls or Ink and Dimensional magic.
  • sand paper or file.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Take the guest Room paper and cut of the bar code, then cut out a square from the middle 10inches by 10 inches, using the outside frame distress.
  2. Take 1 of the Clothesline paper cut off the bar code, then attach the outside frame of the Guest Room paper using foam mounting tape. (see photo above).
  3. Using the left over square of the Guest Room paper, mount your photo, leaving approx 1cm around the photo, distress and adhere the photo to the background paper.
  4. Take the lace and run it around the mounted photo in a circle, use tape or glue and attach as you go.
  5. Take the other Clothesline paper and cut out the doily shapes, (only cut out the ones you need, as you don’t need ones which are under the photo), Attach to the layout just using a bit of glue or tape, run it through the sewing machine if desired.
  6. Attach the brown flower the to bottom right hand of the photo.
  7. Take the birds and give then a coat of liquid Pearls or ink and use dimensional magic, then before they dry cut part of the scallop lace and push into the birds, these form the wings. Also use some gem stones for the birds eyes and attach to layout.
  8. Follow the You Tube Video below to create the birdcage, then attach the lace motif under the bird cage and then adhere to the layout, (see photo).
  9. Write on Journal card and attach to layout.
  10. Adhere on our title.
  11. Add Bling to the layout.

Thanks From The Girls At Fred.

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