Kit 24 Boy’s Racing Kit

Hi Tracy has designed a all boy kit, you will create 3 layouts and 7 cards.

Ab Start Layout
Step 1: Attach Fuel die cut to Propel paper
Step 2: Cut a 6.5 x 4.5 rectangle from Take Off paper and inked edges. Mount on red card stock with 1/2mm edge
Step 3: Stick to background as per photo

Step 4: From your die cut pack, place 1 2 3 as shown Photo. Mount the car on foam tape as per shown.
Step 5: From the sticker sheet, place a track as per the layout photo. the same with the flags
Step 6: From your die cut pack, pull out the number plate and mount on foam tape and attach. I have also mounted a wheel and placed a sticker star from the sticker sheet.

Step 7: Finish off by placing a title banner from your sticker sheet above the photo and put your own title/date etc.

Turbo Layout
Step 1: Use the

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