Kit 40 Mini Book

Hi, here are the photos of the mini book, Steps:For all the pages you have to glue or use double sided tape on the back of the paper then attach to the board.Use the ribbons and embellishments as desired,4x6 photos are great for this size album.To add bling to your pages use Kindy Glitz.If having … [Read more...]

Mother's Day SaleSensational … [Read more...]

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Anzac Day Sale!

It is Week 3 of our Huge Clearance SaleWe are open on … [Read more...]

We Are Open Anzac Day 1.00pm to 6.00pm

Hi, Next week is week 3 of the Huge Clearance Sale. … [Read more...]

9th Day of our Massive Clearance Sale – FREE Neiman Marcus Cookies

FREE delicious Neiman Marcus Cookies for ALL our customers on the9th Day of our Huge Clearance SaleUp to 50% off Embellishments, Photo Frames & Gift wareUp to 25% off our whole range of Vintage Aprons & ALL FabricsKIDS - 50% off ALL our Soft Toys Get Mum & Dad in here fast10% off Vintage … [Read more...]

8th Day of Fred’s Huge Clearance Sale!

Hi, Every customer who makes a purchase will receive a free gift and will go into the draw for a rafflewhich will be drawn twice a day.Also we have 40% haberdashery,25% off Off The Page Items,25% off Fabrics,40% off Wooden Stamps.This is our raffle tree. … [Read more...]

The sale to start tomorrow Wednesday at 10.00pm As a special Easter offer to our loyal Fred customers, we will be having an Easter Sale from Wednesday 11th of April until Saturday 29th of April. ALL STOCK DISCOUNTED FROM 10% TO 50% Fred's Very Special Offer To Fred Customers Only … [Read more...]